Clovia Hamilton educational background – Pedigree

clovia hamilton history origin pedigreeThis web page provides Clovia Hamilton educational background. Clovia is committed to lifelong learning in quality institutes of higher learning!


  • George Henry Corliss High, Chicago IL 1983
    • Roseland & George M. Pullman Chicago south-side, inner-city communities
  • American southern roots
    • Mother from Tuskegee, Alabama
    • Father from Georgia, son of a African Methodist Episcopal (AME) pastor

Motivation & Purpose:

Clovia Hamilton educational background was motivated by her dad’s love of building construction. Her dad was taught the building construction trade by his dad. They had humble roots starting with building out houses. This family history motivated her to pursue civil engineering and construction management. After working as a road and bridge construction manager for 5 years, Clovia advanced into planning road and bridge projects.

Clovia then went to law school at night with the intention to become a construction or environmental law attorney. Her law school Dean encouraged her to pursue patent law. She became a patent examiner in the construction and transportation art unit of the USPTO. From there, she managed patent portfolios for the US EPA, University of Illinois Champaign and Old Dominion University. Clovia managed advanced auto technology for the EPA’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions lab including hybrid vehicles. At Champaign, she managed the engineering patent portfolio.  At Old Dominion she served as the Director of Intellectual Property and Research Compliance.

Today, her research is now focused on technology transfer operations. She learned more about operations management with a PhD in Industrial & Systems Engineering concentrated in Engineering Management.


  • Registered USPTO patent attorney, 2000